Yet Another Banksy’s Art Piece defaced

The continuing battle, and rivalry between Banksy and King Robbo has surfaced yet again in an apparent act of vandalism.

Not so long ago we wrote about the rivalry between Banksy and King Robbo, and in yet another recent incident King Robbo has attacked another one of Banksy’s pieces or at least a supporter of King Robbo has done so.

The design in question is Banksy’s iconic ‘Sniper with Child design’ situated above workshop store in Bristol, more precisely Upper Maudlin Street. The design features a solider holding a sniper rifle with a child about to pop an inflated plastic bag. The design was apparently vandalised on October 3rd, most of the design has been scribbled out, and signed.







(Image by the daily mail)

Although we don’t yet stock this design yet, we have recently increased our range of designs especially in Hoodies. With the winter cold weather creeping in, one of our new range of Banksy’s hoodies are sure to work out a treat to combat the cold weather this Winter.

Here’s just two from our new collection.

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