Girl On Stool tote bag


The Banksy artwork known as Girl On Stool is occasionally referred to with the addition of the words Scared Of Rat to the title.

The original Banksy from which this Girl On Stool tote bag gets its design, was originally stencilled in New Orleans.

This Banksy street art piece shows a girl standing on a stool, undoubtedly scared of a rat, mouse or other rodent, formed out of a mouse-shaped gap in the plasterwork of the wall near her feet.

Unfortunately, since the piece's creation, a more conformist , less talented, more traditional graffiti artist has spoiled it forever by spraying a bad quality monochrome "dub" over the Banksy piece, almost completely replacing it on the wall so that the original Banksy can barely be identified anymore, featuring the words "real graffiti" in a childish egotistical "criticism" of Banksy's non-conformist artistic style.