Bazooka Gramophone Dog tote bag


The Banksy HMV Bazooka Gramophone Dog tote bag design comes from one of Banksy's most famous pieces of art.

The dog listening to the gramophone has been the HMV logo for many years, but in Banksy's version of it, the dog is about to launch a bazooka grenade at the gramophone.  Is this because modern music is so formulaic and lacking in artistic integrity, created purely for profit, featuring beautiful models rather than actual musicians, their vocals autotuned and edited so that they are no longer real (and no longer painfully out of tune), the background music drab albeit expensively produced to appeal to those that have no knowledge of the sleight-of-hand of the modern music recording process?

Ahem, anyhoo.  If you find this Banksy Bazooka Gramophone Dog bag appealing, be sure to check out our full range of Banksy tote bags to see if your favourite Banksy piece is available on one!