Soldier Search tote bag


Banksy has created a number of works on and around the dividing wall between Israel and Palestine.  The Soldier Search piece is one of them.  Actually the Soldier Search piece is at least 3 of them, as he has recreated this piece a number of times, with subtle diferences between them.

In each version, a young girl is frisking a soldier, who is standing in the traditional "being frisked" position, leaning forward against a wall with legs and arms spread, weight towards his hands.  His assault rifle leans against the wall beside him.

What is the girl searching for?  It is difficult to say.  But then if the roles were reversed back to the more traditional situation of a soldier searching a young girl, what would the soldier be searching for?

And maybe that's the point of the piece - a protest against soldiers searching young children (although when it happens it is probably justified, to be fair)?  Or more likely, it is just about the absurdism of war, and how surreal situations become commonplace?  A reductio ad absurdum of an already absurd concept?

Regardless, we hope you like this Soldier Search tote bag, and we hope you check out more of our Banksy merchandise!