Banana Bomb (Detonator Monkey Backprint) kids t-shirt


This Banana Bomb kids t-shirt with Detonator Monkey backprint features the famous Banksy piece, Detonator Monkey With Banana Bomb on a childrens t-shirt, with the banana bomb on the chest and the detonator monkey on the back, with the "cable" connecting the two seeming to pass through the shirt.

On the original Banksy Detonator Monkey piece, shown on this Banana Bomb t-shirt, the monkey and detonator are on a door to a building, with the banana bomb on another door a few feet away, and the cable connecting them painted across the floor.

The Detonator Monkey alone is also available as a standalone design on our apparel and accessories, but we wanted to create a premium version with both halves of the piece on it, and so we created this Banana Bomb kids t-shirt with the Detonator Monkey on the back.

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