Occupy The Musical kids' t-shirt


Kids' Banksy Occupy The Musical t-shirt, featuring the humourous Banksy street art created in New York as part of his Better Out Than In tour of the City in October 2013 under the hashtag #BanksyNY. 

The Occupy The Musical graffiti piece was the first of a set of three new Banksy works to appear in the same day, day 4 of the tour, all of which attached the words "The Musical" to existing graffiti.  Banksy referred to the set collectively as Random Graffiti Given A Broadway Makeover".

Graffiti artists often talk about the appeal of the transitory nature of street art, but surely Banksy must have been disappointed at the short life of this piece.  90 minutes after a photo of this piece was posted to Banksy's Instagram page for the tour, the piece was completely painted over.

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