Gallery Attendant hoodie


The Banksy Gallery Attendant piece, as seen on this lightweight college-style Banksy Gallery Attendant hoodie, was created at Martineau Road, London opposite the new Arsenal stadium and features a stencil painting of an art curator sitting next to a picture frame.

A similar piece was created in Liverpool, close to Lime Street station, around some extant graffiti.

In the various versions of the piece, the frame has contained different bits of graffiti, that may have been there already before the Banksy piece was created.

Slogans such as "Arse”, "Prick" and “Smash The System” have each featured in the frames. It is unknown whether or not Banksy added these words himself, or if he intended to leave what was inside up to the general graffiti public, or if the point Banksy was making was that he finds it absurd that his graffiti is being shown in galleries while other graffiti artists have to make do with spraying their tags or slogans on walls, and so it could be that Banksy is rectifying this injustice by adding his gallery attendant and picture frame to other people's graffiti.

The "Arse" variation may well have said "Arsenal" originally, considering its proximity to the Arsenal stadium.

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