Concrete Confessional hoodie


The Concrete Confessional stencil graffiti street art piece, shown here on this Concrete Confessional hoodie, was found in Manhattan in October 2013. It is part of Banksy's tour of New York City, Better Out Than In, during which he posted photos of all of his new works to the internet under the hastag #BanksyNY. 

Banksy, in a rare show of bravery, returned to the piece a day later and added an alter boy with his lips gaffer-taped over in the next concrete block along, but student protesters (not protesting Banksy, just looking for a way to piggyback their message onto someone else's fame) vandalised the Banksy pieces before he even had a chance to upload the photo of the new half, completely destroying the alter boy, and covering the face of the jesuit priest with a crude white "beard".

This Concrete Confessional hoody can be purchased on a range of colours. 

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