Armoured Peace Dove hoodie


The Banksy Armoured Peace Dove hoodie design comes from the Banksy Armoured Peace Dove piece found in Bethlehem, near the wall that separates Palestine and Israel, featuring a dove carrying an olive twig in its beak, a commonly-used symbol of peace, wearing a bulletproof vest.  

The dove is seen through a sniper's scope; a red crosshair visible on the dove's heart area.

Supposedly, while Banksy was busy painting the mural, a crowd of over 80 people formed around him.   Many of them were just spectating, but others who thought he was "just any old graffiti thug" were trying to convince him to stop painting and leave.  The police turned up to disperse the crowd before Banksy had finished, so he had to leave the mural half finished.  It was later finished by local children.

The Banksy Armoured Peace Dove artwork is now a tourist attraction, with people coming from thousands of miles away to see it.

This Banksy Armoured Peace Dove hoody is available in a range of colours and sizes.

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