Raise The Drawbridge hoodie


You'd think after being named 2017's City of Culture, the local councillors of Hull would be a little more excited to acquire a brand new piece of art from one of the UK's most popular and well-known modern artists - however, this was not the case! Councillor John Abbott claimed that Banksy's artwork didn't compair to 'real art' (answers on a postcard) and the piece should be cleaned off the already heavily graffiti'd bridge.

Unfortunately someone else agreed with the councillor and decided to whitewash the piece, causing serious uprawr in the community! Outraged at the vandalism, local window cleaner Jason Fanthorpe took it upon himself to try to restore the piece - and a good job he did too! The council then finally decided to protect the piece, covering it with perspex.

We've immortalised the artwork, depicting a young boy wearing a colander for a hat and wielding a sword with pencil attached, here on our comfy Adult Hoodie along with the words 'Draw The Raised Bridge' in white.