Art Buff premium hoodie


This comfy and warm, winter-thick, premium quality Art Buff hoodie is a Banksy hoody sporting a stunning digital print of the piece Art Buff, created by Banksy in Folkestone in 2014, and in which an elderly art fan is viewing a piece of art which has been "buffed", maybe by the council or "The Grey Ghost".

The piece was originally misinterpreted by Banksy fans as being a comment on the supposed "invisible" art exhibition that turned out to be a spoof news story that featured on a satirical news website, but it was later confirmed to actually be a play on the word "buff", having been deliberately positioned over a patch of grey paint that had been used to cover up an earlier piece of graffiti.

Shortly after its creation, the piece was taken down in order to be sold at auction in Miami, but after it failed to sell, the piece is rumoured to be returning to Folkestone (as of March 2015).

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