Fridge Kite premium hoodie


Comfy and warm, winter-thick, premium quality soft Banksy Fridge Kite hoodie, featuring the short-lived Banksy piece Fridge Kite, also known as Boy Flying The Refrigerator Kite.

The owner of the building that Banksy created this piece upon (with the permission of the owner, who said that Banksy was a very polite man) was tricked into painting over it by an anti-graffiti vigilante called The Grey Ghost and his accomplice, a fake "city hall" representative, who had told the woman that the piece was a racist depiction of a black boy stealing a fridge, and that she had 30 days to remove it or face a $3000 fine.

The Grey Ghost didn't get away with it, though.  Not completely, anyway.  He was later caught in the act of painting over a commissioned mural on someone's private property, and given a 2 month suspended sentence for criminal trespass.

I'm sure many of you are thinking what we're thinking - that he got off easy and should have been forced to pay reparations to the store owner, and the same to the other property owners whose Banksy murals he painted over, for effectively reducing the value of their properties by a huge sum.

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