Girl On Stool premium hoodie


The Banksy street graffiti work regularly known as Girl On Stool, often given post-title Scared Of Rat, from which this warm and soft winter-thick premium quality Girl On Stool hoodie gets its imagery, was found daubed in New Orleans.

The original Banksy stencil piece contains a girl standing on a stool, clearly scared of a rat, mouse or other rodent, which has been humourously formed out of a mouse-shaped gap in the plasterwork of the wall, which may well have been the inspiration for the piece.

Unfortunately, since the Banksy was discovered, another artist, a much less-talented, more mainstream and conformist graffiti artist who was likely a deprived teen who was failed by the education system, has come along and spoiled it for everyone forever by defacing it with a poor-quality monochrome "dub" over the top of the Banksy piece, almost completely replacing it on the wall, and sporting the words "real graffiti" in a childish egotistical jealous tantrum over Banksy's obviously superior talent and intelligence.