Boy Drawing Robot premium hoodie


The Banksy street artwork, Boy Drawing Robot, upon which this comfy and warm, premium quality winter-thick Banksy Boy Drawing Robot hoodie is based, was found on the side of a hotel in Torquay, Devon in 2010.

The Banksy street art piece shows a boy pretending to be a robot with a cardboard box on his head drawing a childish robot on a wall, around an air vent, which makes up the robot's eyes.

The piece was almost completely destroyed in 2011 when vandals smashed the perspex cover that had been fixed over it as protection and poured acid over it.

Only the robot remained afterwards - the boy was completely erased.

It is speculated that Banksy himself smashed the perspex and erased the boy, in reaction to the news that the piece had added £150,000 to the value of the hotel.

More recently, while redecorating the hotel, to prevent further damage and preserve the remainder of the piece for posterity, the hotel owners have covered up the artwork with a wooden panel and painted over the top.

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