Grim Reaper Rowing Boat sweatshirt


In the Banksy piece, Grim Reaper Rowing Boat, as seen on this Banksy Grim Reaper Rowing Boat sweatshirt, shows The Grim Reaper, Death himself rowing a boat.  

The original Banksy piece can still be found on the side of the Thekla nightclub and music venue, an old cargo ship moored in the Mud Dock area of Bristol's Floating Harbour, England.

Originally, so the story goes, Banksy had painted his tag on the side of the Thekla and made his getaway in a rowing boat, but then the evil Bristol City Council oppressive regime came along and removed the tag, despite the fact that the boat's owners had forbidden its removal.

In retaliation, our hero Banksy, like the Robin Hood of graffiti, returned and painted the famous Grim Reaper Rowing Boat piece in its place.  

In 2006, the Thekla was refit and repainted.  The owners deliberately left the rectangular area around the Grim Reaper Rowing Boat piece untouched, so that today the otherwise green hull has a dark grey patch containing the Banksy piece, with a number of different coloured patches around it from where the paintwork has had to have been retouched to cover up tags of jealous freeloaders that have been left around the Banksy piece.

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