Ghetto 4 Life sweatshirt


The controversial Banksy Ghetto 4 Life piece, seen here on this Ghetto 4 Life sweatshirt, was created by Banksy in South Bronx during his October 2013 Better Out Than In tour of New York.

During the residency, Banksy created new works almost every day, and then posted photographs of the works to the internet under the hashtag #BanksyNY.

If you want to know what is the meaning of Banksy Ghetto 4 Life, you would have to ask the man himself, but some local residents were outraged at the presumed-to-be-white Banksy's use of the word "ghetto", a seen-as-pejoritive term used by xenophobic white people to describe an area dominated by "uncouth" ethnic minorities, particularly as the local council had spent so much time, money and effort to transform the area into a nice place to live and visit.

There are a number of possible interpretations of Banksy's Ghetto 4 Life, such as that perhaps Banksy has created a characature of himself in the young privileged boy in the picture, being served aerosol cans by his butler, and is poking fun at himself, knowing that he is very much privileged compared with people that grew up in the Bronx when it was a dangerous place to live, and yet here he is, making graffiti there, like an outsider wanting to be a part of something that emerged from a very different place than the area in which he himself was raised.

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