Occupy The Musical sweatshirt


This Banksy Occupy The Musical sweatshirt features Banksy's short-lived Occupy The Musical piece, that he created on the 4th of October 2013 in New York during his "residency" tour of the Big Apple, Better Out Than In, during which he posted photographs of all of his new works to the internet under the hashtag #BanksyNY. 

The Occupy The Musical piece was the first in a set of three new Banksies to appear that day, the set called collectively Random Graffiti Given A Broadway Makeover.  Each of the three new pieces involved Banksy spraying a "The Musical" stencil beneath existing basic hand-sprayed New York graffiti.

There can't be many Banksy works that survived for less time than the Occupy The Musical piece, it having been painted over less than 90 minutes after the photograph of the piece was posted to the internet.

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