Racist Pigeons t-shirt


This Banksy Racist Pigeons t-shirt features the short-lived Banksy piece Racist Pigeons, which Banksy created in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex in September 2014 in the lead-up to a local bi-election, triggered by the decision of local Conservative MP, Douglas Carswell, to defect to the UK Independence Party, a right-wing party that believes that the UK's immigration policies are too lax.

The local council received a complaint that "offensive and racist remarks had been painted on a seafront building", and so after an inspection of the mural they scrubbed it completely.

In the piece, a group of drab and dull grey pigeons (remember, pigeons are the "rats of the sky") are holding xenophobic banners in protest near a colourful migratory swallow.

The banners read "Migrants not welcome", "Go back to Africa" and "Keep off our worms".

Clearly the emotion behind the piece is anti-racism rather than anti-immigration, but Tendring District Council didn't see it that way, and the world almost immediately lost a unique Banksy piece.

And now you can help to keep the memory of this piece alive with this Banksy Racist Pigeons tshirt!