Snorting Copper premium t-shirt


First appearing on the side of a public toilet on Curtain Road in Shoreditch, London back in 2005, the Snorting Copper was a favourite with the public. However, the council decided to remove the artwork, as is the case with a lot of Banksy pieces, and we all thought that was the end of this bobby-on-the-beak!

However, recent news tells us that new owners of the site have rediscovered the piece underneath wooden boards and a coat of white paint, 10 years after it's removal. The piece is currently with the Fine Art Restoration Company in Cumbria, who are working to remove the white paint. Once the art is restored the owners will return it to it's original place, this time covered with reinforced glass, CCTV, and alarms so the public can enjoy it again. They are hoping to have this done by October 2017.

In the meantime you can get the artwork here on our soft premium men's t-shirt!