Fridge Kite mug


Banksy Fridge Kite coffee mug, featuring the Fridge Kite Banksy piece, sometimes called Boy Flying The Refrigerator Kite, which Banksy created in New Orleans post-Katrina.

Banksy created the piece on the side of a local business, with the permission of the store owner, who said Banksy was "very polite".

Unfortunately, not long after Banksy had left, someone pretending to be from "city hall" tricked the store owner into painting over the piece, saying that she had 30 days to remove it or be fined $3000, as it was racist depiction of a "black boy stealing a cooler".

(Yeah, sure it is).

It turned out that the "city hall" representative was actually an accomplice of The Grey Ghost, an anti-graffiti vigilante who was roaming the area painting ugly grey patches of paint over any graffiti or street art he found.

Nothing could be proven though, but The Grey Ghost was eventually caught in the act of painting over a commissioned mural on someone's private property.  He was charged with criminal trespass and given a 2 month suspended sentence.

That will be of little comfort to the store owner, though, whose store would have been worth up to $200,000 more with the Banksy Fridge Kite piece intact on the wall.

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