Girl On Stool mug


Banksy's stencil graffiti piece that is commonly refferred to as Girl On Stool, occasionally received the addition to the title of the words Scared Of Rat.

The Banksy piece, from which this Girl On Stool mug gets its design, was originally stencil-sprayed in New Orleans, and features a girl standing on a stool, obviously scared of a rat, mouse or other rodent, formed out of a mouse-shaped gap in the plasterwork of the wall, which sits looking up at the girl as if wanting a friend, oblivious to the terror it is inducing within the girl.

Unfortunately, as is often the case, in the time since the Banksy appeared, a jealous, less-talented, more mainstream and conformist graffiti artist has come along and ruined it forever.

The childish sandcastle-stomping vandal has sprayed a particularly poor-quality monochrome "dub" over the top of the Banksy piece, almost completely obliterating it from the wall, probably in rage that the education system and his parents had failed him so completely.

Within the new dub, the words "real graffiti" can be seen, a clear declaration of the hooligan's jealousy of Banksy's talents, manifested as a rejection of any art that sits outside the bully's very limited artistic abilities.

"I can't do it, so I hate it" basically.

Still, we can only hope that the young idiot has now seen the error of his ways and is now living in shame at having defaced genuine art with what is effectively a temper tantrum at not being as good an artist as Banksy.

Yeah, you like my words?  Bring it on.  Mug.