Golf Sale coffee mug


One or two of Banksy's pieces can seem to some to be a touch on the edgy side.

In few of his pieces is this more applicable than in Golf Sale, in which he recreates the scene of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in China, during which an unarmed Chinese man known only as "Tank Man" and "The Unknown Rebel" stood firm, alone, in front of a long line of Chinese tanks, bringing the whole line to a halt, as a part of a protest against government corruption that led to the deaths of hundreds of innocent protestors, murdered by the Chinese government.

To this day, all photographs and documentation of the events are banned in China and blocked by Chinese internet service providers, and the event has been so successfully redacted from public awareness that many present day Chinese people are completely oblivious to the events that took place that day, and when shown photgraphs of this particular incident, assume that it is some sort of performance art piece rather than a legendary historical one-man stand against oppression during one of the worst periods of atrocities against their own people that China has ever seen.

It is very plausable to assume that Tank Man does not even realise that he became an international icon for his actions that day.

In Banksy's stencil graffiti piece, featured on this Golf Sale coffee mug, the man's carrier bag of suspected shopping has been replaced with a red sign that reads "Golf Sale".