Armoured Peace Dove mug


This Banksy Armoured Peace Dove mug design is based upon the Banksy Armoured Peace Dove graffiti that he painted in Bethlehem.

It shows a dove wearing a bulletproof vest, carrying an olive twig in its beak.  

The dove is seen through the scope of a sniper, with a red rifle crosshair visible over the dove's heart area, as if someone were about to shoot the dove of peace.

According to the hearsay, while Banksy was painting the mural, a crowd of people formed around him, some trying to convince him to stop painting and leave, while others were mere interested spectators.  

The police showed up to disperse the crowd of 80+ people, which is when Banksy decided to leave the mural unfinished and make his exit.   The piece was later completed by children that live nearby.

This provocative Banksy painting was found close to the wall that separates Israel and Palestine.

The Banksy Armoured Peace Dove artwork is now, like many Banksies, a tourist attraction.

This Banksy Armoured Peace Dove coffee mug design is also available on a wide range of garments and accessories.

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