StreetFest 2013 – 1 Month To Go!

Given the huge following street art has gained over the last decade, the lack of events that cater for fans is pretty disappointing… BUT what if we were to tell you that there’s a one day festival packed with live street artists and performers that (while ‘Lazy Bird’ tickets last) costs just £10? Well StreetFest is your place!

It takes place on Sunday 5th May in East London’s Hearn St Car Park in Shoreditch which, as the name suggests is a garage style space which is used for a limited number of parties and events each year. The event organisers promise “a menagerie of graffiti artists, urban athletes and emerging music talent” for a day of “fun, expression and creativity for all friends and family to enjoy”. Here’s a few pics from last year:


So, if you can make it we definitely think it’d be worth a visit! Why not wear a Banksy Tee on the day?!

SF ratSF maidSF gorillaSF what

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