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We don’t really blog too often here at Banksy T-shirts, so starting this week we’re going to be doing a weekly featured artist blog entry showcasing different artists we’re loving at the time. They won’t always be street artists, and sometimes we might throw some music artists in there too just to mix it up! We’ll include well-established artists as well as the up and coming talent we’ve stumbled across from all over the world.

This week we’re going to feature the London-based artist – Slinkachu

Little People…

slink shoe

When you think of ‘street art’ you usually think big, bold, in-your-face art work; Slinkachu is the polar opposite of this! He’s best known for creating miniature masterpieces in the form of tiny model people, which he modifies and photographs in humourous settings or situations. The artist – who prefers not to disclose his real name – usually juxtaposes the miniatures next to life sized objects in various locations around the world, which is what we feel makes his art so fun! One of our favourite examples of this is the piece entitled “They’re not pets, Susan” (shown below) which shows a father stood next to his daughter with a shotgun in his hand pointing at a life-sized, dead bee.

pets susan

Slinkachu has been discretely leaving his work in various cities since around 2006; he has explained in interviews that he loves bringing the feeling of being lost an alone into his work –  “I like that melancholy feeling. I think everyone who lives in a big city feels lost and alone at some point”. In a way, his installations could represent the issues that go on in people’s day to day lives. To those involved they seem like important issues, but when you look at the bigger picture and all the other things going on around the world they are actually minuscule and quite insignificant. You can see the trivial impact of his work below in the piece entitled ‘Sugar High’ which you would barely notice when walking by.

slink bubble slink bubble 2

 Inner City Snail…

In 2008, Slinkachu decided to focus his art on decorating snails he found around London in non-toxic paint – although he didn’t completely abandon his pea-sized pals and incorporated the figures in some of the snail pieces (seen below in ‘Human Es-Cargo’). Again, these pieces give a message to the public but this time it was more “to provide a satire of not only street art but the compulsive human tendency of covering every available surface with signage or advertising”.

slink snail

Keep an eye out for more work by Slinkachu on his website where you can check out all of his work and any events he’ll be doing in the future.  

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