Unknown German Street Artist Bricks Up Train Door In Hamburg

Wall on Hamburg S-Bahn

German news sites and street art social media channels are today reporting (and guffawing at, respectively) the story of a Hamburg S-Bahn train that was visited by a mischievous artist yesterday.

Wall on Hamburg S-BahnThe unknown artist has bricked up one of the doorways on the train with YTONG bricks, a porous industrial building brick that uses only natural ingredients and is reportedly environmentally-friendly, which were joined together with an adhesive and glued firmly into the door panel.

Wall on Hamburg S-BahnA spokesperson for the S-Bahn has claimed that the damage amounts to tens of thousands of Euros, which the train owners are intending to claim from the offender should one ever be found, and that the train will be out of action for in excess of 12 hours while they remove the wall.

Wall on Hamburg S-BahnAt present it is unclear for how long the train had been driven with the wall in place.

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