Banksy souvenir poster

Anybody who logged onto the official Banksy site during the April would of been greeted by a new work by Banksy which he produced as a souvenir poster to aid those involved in riots over a new Tesco store in his home town of Bristol.

The new artwork depicts the Tesco brand on a bottle simply called petrol bomb and coming out of it is a lit piece of material creating a ‘Tesco Value’ petrol bomb.

The image was created in response to a police raid that was performed on a picket line that had been set up outside the store claiming they had reason to believe they were creating petrol bombs.
The sales of the poster go to help the 9 people arrested over the incident.

A spokes person who spoke for Banksy confirmed that the work was an original Banksy piece and Mr chalkey a representative of the PRSC (peoples republic of stokes croft) stated  “I think Banksy comes from Bristol and is interested in the what goes on here”.  He then went on to say “I think it’s going to raise the debate about what happened here and help us focus attention on the issue”.
Banksy of course already has a long history with Stokes Croft, being where one of his most famous works is held in high regard by the public.

The artwork known as the ‘mild mild west’, which depicts a teddy bear throwing a Molotov cocktail at riot police.

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