Possible new Banksy piece found in Bristol Frenchay Hospital

Possible Banksy Queen Mary Bristol Frenchay Hospital

News channels in Bristol today are reporting that a brand new Banksy may have appeared in the newly-closed Frenchay Hospital, near the area that is widely thought to be Banksy’s childhood home.

The piece is thought to be a depiction of Queen Mary, who visited the hospital in 1943, in mourning dress, clutching a single rose.

The piece has been found on the concrete floor of an old greenhouse on the hospital grounds, and although it has yet to be authenticated, is said to have similarities to genuine Banksy works.

The piece measures 36 inches x 24 inches, and is believed to have been painted during the recent Bank Holiday weekend.

The piece has not yet been claimed by Banksy on his official website.

Richard Cottle, media relations manager for North Bristol NHS Trust, which still owns the hospital has been quoted in local press as saying “We are seeking authenticity on whether it is or not, and if it is a Banksy we want to preserve it.  It would be a wonderful thing for Frenchay.”

Here at Banksy t-shirts, we’re obviously big fans of Banksy’s work, but also big fans of art in general, and it has to be said that the attitude shown by Mr. Cottle has left me feeling a little dismayed.

“IF it is a Banksy, we want to preserve it”.

It is a work of art.  Whether or not it was made by a specific person should be irrelevant.

We should judge a piece of artwork on its merits, not on the name of its creator.

Personally I’d feel much happier if Mr. Cottle had said “We don’t care who painted it, we like it, so we’re going to preserve it!”

What do you think of the piece?  Do you think it is a genuine Banksy?  How do you feel about Mr. Cottle’s statement?

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