Stockholm Banksy Exhibition Is A Fake

Banksy No Show Stockholm Gallery

Banksy’s long-time publicist, Jo Brooks has confirmed that the supposed Banksy Exhibit at Norrtullsgatan in Stockholm on March 23rd was merely a publicity stunt by the gallery, and had nothing to do with Banksy.

Despite the press release from Brooks before the show, hundreds of Stockholmers queued for a chance to meet Banksy, who was rumoured to be appearing wearing a gorilla mask.

Whether Banksy had anything to do with the gala, showed up incognito, or whether the whole thing was a sham and the “appearance” rumour was merely to attract more visitors, we’re likely to never know.

What we do know is that a number of visitors broke into a room with spray cans and left their own marks on the walls. It is unclear whether this was a deliberate interactive part of the gala or just vandalism by enraged street artists that felt conned by the Banksy rumour.

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One Response to Stockholm Banksy Exhibition Is A Fake

  1. Pelotard says:

    Having been there, I can confidently say that nobody “felt conned” – quite to the contrary. Most people thought it would only be a demonstration of how many people you could get to gather in one place with a minimum of effort. As it turned out, we were treated to an ambitious and well-executed street art happening, which was more than anyone had expected.

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