Stockholm Banksy Exhibition Is A Fake

Banksy No Show Stockholm Gallery

Banksy’s long-time publicist, Jo Brooks has confirmed that the supposed Banksy Exhibit at Norrtullsgatan in Stockholm on March 23rd was merely a publicity stunt by the gallery, and had nothing to do with Banksy.

Despite the press release from Brooks before the show, hundreds of Stockholmers queued for a chance to meet Banksy, who was rumoured to be appearing wearing a gorilla mask.

Whether Banksy had anything to do with the gala, showed up incognito, or whether the whole thing was a sham and the “appearance” rumour was merely to attract more visitors, we’re likely to never know.

What we do know is that a number of visitors broke into a room with spray cans and left their own marks on the walls. It is unclear whether this was a deliberate interactive part of the gala or just vandalism by enraged street artists that felt conned by the Banksy rumour.

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A mash up of two of our favourite things… Banksy & The Simpsons!

We love Banksy… and we love The Simpsons so what could possibly be better than a mash up of the two?!

Banksy was asked to create the story board for the opening sequence of The Simpsons and it features some of Banksy’s most well known characters; a Panda and of course a Rat.

We think this collaboration is pretty damn awesome so have a sneak peak of the video below and tell us what you think!

{video removed from YouTube, sorry}

Ah well.

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This week we’re loving… Slinkachu!

We don’t really blog too often here at Banksy T-shirts, so starting this week we’re going to be doing a weekly featured artist blog entry showcasing different artists we’re loving at the time. They won’t always be street artists, and sometimes we might throw some music artists in there too just to mix it up! We’ll include well-established artists as well as the up and coming talent we’ve stumbled across from all over the world.

This week we’re going to feature the London-based artist – Slinkachu

Little People…

slink shoe

When you think of ‘street art’ you usually think big, bold, in-your-face art work; Slinkachu is the polar opposite of this! He’s best known for creating miniature masterpieces in the form of tiny model people, which he modifies and photographs in humourous settings or situations. The artist – who prefers not to disclose his real name – usually juxtaposes the miniatures next to life sized objects in various locations around the world, which is what we feel makes his art so fun! One of our favourite examples of this is the piece entitled “They’re not pets, Susan” (shown below) which shows a father stood next to his daughter with a shotgun in his hand pointing at a life-sized, dead bee.

pets susan

Slinkachu has been discretely leaving his work in various cities since around 2006; he has explained in interviews that he loves bringing the feeling of being lost an alone into his work –  “I like that melancholy feeling. I think everyone who lives in a big city feels lost and alone at some point”. In a way, his installations could represent the issues that go on in people’s day to day lives. To those involved they seem like important issues, but when you look at the bigger picture and all the other things going on around the world they are actually minuscule and quite insignificant. You can see the trivial impact of his work below in the piece entitled ‘Sugar High’ which you would barely notice when walking by.

slink bubble slink bubble 2

 Inner City Snail…

In 2008, Slinkachu decided to focus his art on decorating snails he found around London in non-toxic paint – although he didn’t completely abandon his pea-sized pals and incorporated the figures in some of the snail pieces (seen below in ‘Human Es-Cargo’). Again, these pieces give a message to the public but this time it was more “to provide a satire of not only street art but the compulsive human tendency of covering every available surface with signage or advertising”.

slink snail

Keep an eye out for more work by Slinkachu on his website where you can check out all of his work and any events he’ll be doing in the future.  

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Banksy Designs Get A Lick Of Paint!

Here at Banksy T-shirts, we always like to make sure you guys get the best! That’s why we’ve recently been spending some time giving a few of our designs a bit of a revamp, and making them look as amazing as Banksy intended! The designs we’ve revisited were previously being vinyl pressed onto the garments, which gave a bold finish but meant we couldn’t add a lot of detail and give the designs that wow factor we like to bring to the table!

So take a look at these before and after pictures of the latest additions to the printed family!

love ratlove rat new 2

grim reapergrim new

out of bedout of bed new

They may not be huge changes, but it’s the little things that make all the difference!

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StreetFest 2013 – 1 Month To Go!

Given the huge following street art has gained over the last decade, the lack of events that cater for fans is pretty disappointing… BUT what if we were to tell you that there’s a one day festival packed with live street artists and performers that (while ‘Lazy Bird’ tickets last) costs just £10? Well StreetFest is your place!

It takes place on Sunday 5th May in East London’s Hearn St Car Park in Shoreditch which, as the name suggests is a garage style space which is used for a limited number of parties and events each year. The event organisers promise “a menagerie of graffiti artists, urban athletes and emerging music talent” for a day of “fun, expression and creativity for all friends and family to enjoy”. Here’s a few pics from last year:


So, if you can make it we definitely think it’d be worth a visit! Why not wear a Banksy Tee on the day?!

SF ratSF maidSF gorillaSF what

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Security guards, girls and shopping trolleys…

This week we’ve launched some brand new Banksy designs – available across our whole range of products! We’ve got security guards,  girls and, wait for it… shopping trolleys! We know, it sounds like your average stag weekend but we can assure you these designs are nothing short of the regular Banksy genius!

Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a caveman, a lovable rogue to society, or just a big girl – you’re bound to love at least one of these designs so check them out!

poodle guardgirl stooltrolley hunters


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Banksy Sweatshirts are now available!

We do love the launch of a new range and we are pleased to announce that sweatshirts are now available to you, our loyal Banksy fans!

We have some included some of Banksy’s most famous work on the initial small collection of sweatshirts and we hope that you like them as much as we do!

So if you like your Charlie Brown, the Detonator Monkey or perhaps the Petrol Head, there is something here for you! Available now at the price of £20.99, they come in a fantastic range of colour so you can pick your favourite!

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The £8 Tee of the Week has been chosen!

We have started our brand new promotion this week, the £8 Tee of the Week! Every week our fabulous Facebook users will be able vote for the t-shirt they would like to see as the £8 Tee of the Week from a selection of designs.

This week the nation has spoken and the winner… by a clear mile is… The Pulp Fiction Banksy! This t-shirt will now be available for the next week at the fantastic price of £8! Make sure you get yours while the offer is on!

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Grab a Banksy Rat!

Banksy is known for producing a variety of designs that include his now infamous rats. While some people see them as a hinderence on society, Banksy embraces them and uses them in various different situations.

We personally rather like them in his street art so we have included them in many of our designs available on this site. Maybe you like the NY Ghetto Rat, or even the Anarchy Rat? Whichever one you like there is plenty of choice, as always available in a range of colours and bases.

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Banksy Tote Bags

Every girl needs a bag to carry all their bits and pieces in on a daily basis so why not treat yourself to one of these funky Banksy inspired tote bags?

There is plenty of different ones to choose from whatever your taste, whether it be the Banksy Rats, the designs dedicated to promoting peace or the new classic English styles. As always they are available to purchase in plenty of different colours, and with a capacity of 10 litres there is plenty of space in them for you to carry your things around in!

The tote bags are priced at £5.99 and are available from our Banksy T-shirts site, so they won’t break the bank either! Get shopping!

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