Banksy Meets The Olympic Games – Our New Mash Up Designs!

You might remember Banksy leaving his mark around London back in 2012, showing some of the reality of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. His works included the ‘Javelin Thrower‘ depicting an athlete throwing a missile; he also left the ‘Pole Vault‘ showing an athlete clearing a barbed-wire fence onto an old discarded mattress.

Javelin Thrower premium hoodiePole Vaulter men's t-shirt

With this year’s Rio 2016 Olympics looming, we’re left wondering if the man himself is going to be leaving any of his satirical, thought-provoking pieces around – maybe even venturing to Brazil for the occasion?

Well, in wait of some possible new art from Banksy, we’ve taken two of our favourite pieces and given them an Olympic twist! First up we have the famous ‘Riot Coppers, which normally has the police skipping through a field and holding hands. Instead, we’ve got them running a race and bursting through a finish line.

Olympic Riot Coppers t-shirtOlympic Riot Coppers kids t-shirt

And our personal favourite, the Olympic Donuts design which uses Banksy’s popular ‘Donut Police Escort‘ artwork but shows five vans, all with different coloured donuts on top, representing the Olympics.

Olympic Donuts womens t-shirtOlympic Donuts sweatshirt

So, you can get your Banksy fill before this year’s Olympics start and we’ll be sure to let you know if we spot any of the real thing this summer!

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