Have An Unconventional Valentine’s Day

To us, Banksy is all about telling it like it is; exposing the cracks in modern society, laying bare the harsh truths of the world we live in, and mocking traditions we just mindlessly accept to be the norm. As much as you agree with his views, it still might not wangle you out of buying a present for your significant other – so you might as well make it a good one!

Two designs fresh to the site are Banksy’s Rose Trap, and Every Time I Make Love To You I Think Of Someone Else.

Every Time I Make Love mens t-shirtBanksy Rose Trap women's t-shirt

We’ve also hand-picked some of the classics which feature some not-so-romantic artwork, like the brilliant Well Hung Lover for the promiscuous…

Men's Well Hung Lover premium hoodie






Or Boy Meets Girl for the feisty girls…

Boy Meets Girl women's Banksy t-shirt







Or maybe the Love Rat – a little reminder for your ex…

Banksy Love Rat mug







Whatever you buy for them, it’s sure to go down better than the reduced flowers and out of date chocolates you scraped together last year.

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