Girl On Stool women's t-shirt


The Banksy street art stencil graffiti usually referred to as Girl On Stool, but which is at times given the addendum Scared Of Rat, from which this women's Girl On Stool t-shirt gets its imagery, was discovered in New Orleans.

The original stencil graffiti artwork features a young girl in tradional garb standing on a stool.  The girl is obviously scared of a rodent, formed out of a mouse-shaped gap in the plasterwork of the wall, which is sitting on the floor near the stool, sitting upright as if taking an interest in the girl and oblivious to the terror it is generating within the girl by simply being present.

Unfortunately, since the thought-provoking Banksy piece was created, a hooligan of a less-talented, more mainstream, conformist graffiti artist has come along and ruined it forever by spraying an amateurish monochrome "dub" over the top of the Banksy piece, almost completely replacing it on the wall, and featuring the words "real graffiti" in a childish egotistical and undoubtedly jealous "criticism" of Banksy's non-conformist artistic style and talent.