Go Back To Bed Placard Rat women's t-shirt


This ladies' Banksy Go Back To Bed Placard Rat t-shirt is based upon an original Banksy stencil piece, featuring a Banksy character much loved by the artist's fans.

That character is of course Placard Rat!

Placard Rat is one of many rats Banksy has used in his artwork, which may well be an homage to legendary Godfather of stencil graffiti and clear influence of Banksy's, Blek Le Rat.

This piece was originally sprayed on a concrete pillar of Hungerford footbridge opposite Embankment tube station in London, but was removed by the right-wing anti-fun police state that rules the British capital with a sportaldislexicartaphobic luddism.

One of many now-gone Banksy pieces, destroyed by official chanels, the stencil graffiti artwork shown on this women's Banksy t-shirt was deliberately placed on a busy route for early morning London joggers, tempting them to forego their early morning runs in favour an extra hour or two asleep.

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