Well Hung Lover women's t-shirt


Sometimes called "Naked Man Hanging From Window", the Banksy artwork you can see on this ladies Banksy t-shirt is actually called Well Hung Lover.

This stencil art depicts a man in a suit, swearching outside his bedroom window for the man that his wife has been seeing in his absence.

To his rear, his wife is visible in her underwear, her hand on his shoulder as if attempting to reassure him.  

By the look on her face, we can see that she is showing a faux-concern, while attempting to hide the truth from him, although because he is looking outwards rather than inwards, her deceptive expression goes unnoticed.

But is she definitely being unfaithful to him?  

We can speculate on this because of the additional character in the scene, a man without clothes, suspended by one hand from the other side of the same window that the husband is leaning through, protecting his groin with his remaining arm, suffering a dilemma as to whether to worry about his life or his nakedness.

Anyone else noticed that the husband and wife look a bit like characters Mulder and Sculley from the 90's sci-fi TV show The X-Files, or that the detailed faces of the husband and wife are juxtaposed against the angular face detail of the nude man?

Could there be an alternative explanation for the scene? Perhaps rather than an affair, the nude man was a random stranger that the wife discovered naked in their house spying on her in her underwear?

Whatever the explanation, this Banksy is a thought-provoking piece, and provocative in Banksy's choice of location, near to the HQ of his arch enemy, Bristol City Council.

Could the piece even be interpreted as a statement about the council, looking to point the finger at graffiti artists, while the root of the graffiti "problem" lies inside the political social arena, as opposed to the streets?

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