Sweeping It Under The Carpet women's t-shirt


The Banksy Sweeping It Under The Carpet stencil graffiti street art, upon which this womens Sweeping It Under The Carpet t-shirt is based, was created in Chalk Farm, Camden, London.

The highly political Banksy piece, as shown on this ladies Banksy t-shirt, was commissioned by British newspaper The Independent, when Bono from U2 was the Editor, and was said to represent The West's reluctance to address third-world issues such as that of AIDS in Africa.

Banksy himself was quoted in The Independent in 2006, regarding this particular piece, saying that it was also about the democratisation of subjects in works of art.

The quote said, "In the bad old days, it was only popes and princes who had the money to pay for their portraits to be painted.  This is a portrait of a maid called Leanne who cleaned my room in a Los Angeles motel.  She was quite a feisty lady."

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