Racist Pigeons women's t-shirt


Banksy Racist Pigeons women's t-shirt, featuring the short-lived Banksy piece Racist Pigeons, in which a group of dull grey pigeons (or "rats of the sky" as they are sometimes known) are grouped together holding placards indicating their dislike of a colourful migratory swallow sitting near them, with slogans such as "migrants not welcome", "go back to Africa" and "keep off our worms".

Banksy created the piece in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex in September 2014 fust before a local bi-election that was triggered by local Conservative MP, Douglas Carswell, defecting to UKIP, a right-wing party that believes that the UK should have stronger immigration laws.

The local council scrubbed the piece almost immediately after it was created, following a complaint that "offensive and racist remarks had been painted on a seafront building".

It's obvious to us here at Banksytshirts.org that the emotion behind the piece is anti-racism rather than anti-immigration, but Tendring District Council clearly didn't see it that way, and the world has lost a unique Banksy piece.

You can help to keep the memory of this piece alive with this ladies' Banksy Racist Pigeons tshirt!